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    Highly scalable photoinduced synthesis of silanols via untraversed pathway for chlorine radical (Cl•) generation


    Saha, A.; Ali, W.; Werz, D. B.; Maiti, D.

    Nat. Commun., 2023, 14, 8173





  Combinatorial Ligand Assisted Simultaneous Control of Axial and Central Chirality in Highly Stereoselective              C-H Allylation  


   Bhattacharya, T.; Ghosh, S.; Dutta, S.; Guin, S.; Ghosh, A.; Ge, H.; Sunoj, R. B.; Maiti, D.

   Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 202363, e20231011




Screenshot 2023-12-10 173653.png

      Photo-Catalyzed Acyl Azolium Promoted Selective α-C(sp3)–H Acylation of Acetone via HAT: Access to                            Thermodynamically Less Favoured (Z)-α,β-Unsaturated Ketones


       Sivaraj, C.; Maiti, D.; Gandhi, T.

       Chem. Eur. J., 2024, e202303626  




    Urea Promoted Neat Synthesis of Fused Dihydroisoquinolines and Disubstituted Pyridines: A Mechanistic                  Observation with Molecular Sensing Studies


     Azad, A. Sk.; Bera, A.; Samanta, J.; Sepay, N.; Jana, R.; Pal, C. K.; Molla, M. R.; Maiti, D.; Samanta, S.

     Chem. Eur. J., 2024e202303287       




        Photoinduced [3+2] Cycloaddition of Carbenes and Nitriles: A Versatile Approach to Oxazole Synthesis


          Saha, A.; Sen, C.;† Guin, S.;† Das, C.; Maiti, D.; Sen, S.; Maiti, D.

        Angew. Chem. Int. Ed, 2023, 62,  e20230891

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    Unveiling catalyst-free electro-photochemical reactivity of aryl diazoesters and facile synthesis of oxazoles,               imide-fused pyrroles and tetrahydro-epoxy-pyridines via carbene radical anion


    Maiti, D.; Saha, A.; Guin, S.; Maiti, D.; Sen, S.

    Chem. Sci., 202314, 6216





       Non-Directed C-H/C-F Coupling for the Synthesis of α-Fluoro Olefinated Arenes  


       Porey, S.; Bairagi, Y.; Guin, S.; Zhang, X.; Maiti, D.

       ACS Catal. 2023, 13, 14000–14011

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nat comm.png

    Energy-efficient CO2/CO interconversion by homogeneous copper-based molecular catalysts 


    Guria, S.; Dolui, D.; Das, C.; Ghorai, S.; Vishal, V.; Maiti, D.; Lahiri, G. K.; Dutta, A.

    Nat. Commun., 2023, 14, 6859





Transition-metal catalyzed C‒H activation as a means of synthesizing complex natural products


Sinha, S. K.; Ghosh, P.; Jain, S.; Maiti, S.; Al-Thabati, S. A.; Alshehri, A. A.; Mokhtar, M.; Maiti, D.

Chem. Soc. Rev., 202352, 7461-7503





    Directing Group Assisted para-Selective C-H Alkynylation of Unbiased Arenes Enabled by Rhodium Catalysis


    Dutta, U.; Prakash, G.; Devi, K.; Borah, K.; Zhang, X.; Maiti, D.

    Chem. Sci., 2023, 14, 11381





Highly scalable and inherently safer preparation of di, tri and tetra-nitrate esters using continuous flow chemistry   

Mittal, A. K.;† Pathak, P.;† Prakash, G.;† Maiti, D.

 Chem. Eur. J., 2023, 29, e202301662.





Deciphering the Mechanistic Insights of Temporary Directing Group Assisted metaAlkenylation of Complex Biaryl Systems


 Goswami, N.;† Kumar, N.;† Bag, S.; Gupta, P.; Maiti, D.

 ACS Catal., 2023, 13, 11091





    Access to Unsaturated Bicyclic Lactones by Overriding Conventional C(sp3)-H Site Selectivity


    Das, J.; Ali, W.; Ghosh, A.;† Pal, T.;† Mandal, A.;† Teja, C.; Dutta, S.; Pothikumar, R.; Ge, H.; Zhang, X.; Maiti, D.

    Nat. Chem., 2023, 15, 1626

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 Simplifying the Synthesis of Non-proteinogenic Amino Acids via Palladium Catalysed (delta)-Methyl C-H               Olefination of Aliphatic Amines and Amino Acids 

    Bhattacharya, T.; Baroliya, P. K.; Al-Thabaiti, S. A.; Maiti, D.

     JACS Au, 2023, 3, 1975



   Photoinduced meta-Selective C-H Oxygenation of Arenes

    Ali, W.;† Saha, A.;† Ge, H.; Maiti, D.

    JACS Au, 2023, 3, 1790




Angew Chem.jpg

    Site-Selective C–H Functionalization of Carbazoles

    Elsaid, M.;‡ Ge, R.;‡ Liu, C.; Maiti, D.;* and Ge, H.*

    Angew. Chem. Int. Ed, 2023,62, e202303110




Carbazole Activation.png
green chemistry.jpg

    Metal-free photoinduced hydrogen atom transfer assisted C(sp3)–H thioarylation

    Grover. J.;† Prakash. G.;† Teja. C.; Lahiri. G.K.; Maiti. D.

    Green Chem, 2023, 25, 3431




TOC graphics.tif

   Structural authentication of intermediates of mechanistic significance in palladium- and nickel-catalysed                       cross-couplings: case studies

   Olding, A.; Ho, C. C.; Maiti, D.; Bissember, A. C.

   ChemComm, 2023, 59, 5144





    Free amine and alcohol as the director for regioselective C(sp2)-H bond functionalization


    Keshri, R.;† Rana, D.;† Saha, A.; Al-Thabaitid, S. A.; Alshehrid, A. A.; Bawaked, S. M.; Maiti, D.

    ACS Catal., 2023, 13, 4500




Screenshot 2023-03-10 224821.png

    Transition metal catalyzed C–H functionalization through electrocatalysis


    Baroliya, P. K.; Dhaker, M.; Panja, S.; Al-Thabaiti, S. A.; Albukhari, S. M.; Alsulami, Q. A.; Dutta, A.; Maiti, D.

    ChemSusChem, 2023, e202202201





   Mechanism and Origins of Site-Selectivity of Template-Directed C-H Insertion of Quinolines


    Fernandez, G. E.; Maiti, D.; Tantillo, D. J.

    Chem. Eur. J., 2023, e202300124





   Enroute Sustainability: Metal Free C-H bond Functionalisation


    Roy, S.; Panja, S.; Sahoo, S. R.; Chatterjee, S.; Maiti, D.

    Chem. Soc. Rev., 2023, 52, 2391





    Enantioselective Annulation Reactions Through C(sp2)-H Activation with Chiral CpxM(III) Catalysts


    Achar, T. K.; Al-Thabaiti, S. A.; Mokhtar, M.; Maiti, D.

    Chem Catal., 2023, 3, 100575





    Distal meta-alkenylation of formal amines enabled by catalytic use of hydrogen-bonding anionic ligands


    Goswami, N.;† Sinha, S. K.;† Mondal, P.; Adhya, S.; Datta, A.; Maiti, D.

    Chem, 2023, 9, 989




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