Quantum Dot Photocatalysis:

We are principally focusing on replacing conventional transition metal catalyst with the Quantum Dots (CdS,CdSe) as next generation photocatalyst. Owing to its high surface-to-volume ratio, quantum dots offer larger reaction site on its surface, compared to the conventional system, and thus offer high degree of quantum efficiency accompanied by high turnover number and photo stability. The unique size dependency of the electronic structure of quantum dots makes it easy to manipulate and thus finds its application in transistors, solar cells, imaging chips, LEDs, displays, photovoltaics and many other.  However in the area of chemistry the implementation of quantum dots in photoredox pathways is at the very beginning and it makes a potent avenue of research in chemical transformation and photocatalysis. Our group is putting determined attempt in doing photoredox transformations using Quantum Dots.

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