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       Surpassing the Limited Coordination Affinity of Native Amides by Introducing Pyridone-Pd-AgOAc Cluster                   to Promote Distal γ-C(sp3)-H Arylation


        Goswami, N.; Kumar, N.; Gupta, P.; Maiti, D.

        ACS Catal. 2024, (ASAP)





   Mizoroki–Heck-type transformations in natural product synthesis: case studies in carbopalladation and forging               all-carbon quaternary stereocenters

    Fuller, R. O.; Maiti, D.; Bissember, A. C.

    Chem Catal., 2024 (ASAP) 




        Harnessing the “Methyl Effect” in the Development of Novel Meta-directing Template for C–H Cyanation 


        Bhattacharya, T.;† Teja, C.;† Kumar, N.; Bhagat, K. K.; Lahiri, G. K.; Gupta, P.; Tyagi, S.; Maiti, D.

        ACS Catal. 2024, (ASAP)




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A monometallic approach for the C(sp2)-C(sp2) cross-electrophile coupling: Bypassing the demand of transmetalation


 Maiti, S.;  Ghosh, P.; Raja, D. K.; Ghosh, S.; Chatterjee, S.; Sankar, V.; Roy, S.; Lahiri, G. K.; Maiti, D.

 Nat. Catal., 2024, (ASAP)




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