Book Chapters

1. Introductory Chapter on C–H Bond Functionalization


Dey, A.; Kapdi, A. R.; Maiti, D.

Elsevier, New York 2016.

2. Book Chapter: Recent advances in distal aliphatic sp3 C–H functionalization


Dey, A.; Dhawa, U.; Maiti, D. 
Editors: A. R. Kapdi, D. Maiti,

Elsevier, New York 2016.

3. Direct Arylation via C-H Activation (Book Chapter)


New Trends in Cross Coupling: Theory and Application.
Sharma, U.; Modak, A.; Maity, S.; Maji.; Maiti, D.
RSC Catalysis Series; Royal Society of Chemistry
Edited by Thomas J Colacot
ISSN : 1757-6725
ISBN :9781849738965

4. Iron Catalysis in Synthetic Chemistry (Book Chapter)


Progress in Inorganic Chemistry: Volume 59 
Rana, S.; Modak, A.; Maity, S.; Patra, T.; Maiti, D.
Edited by Kenneth D. Karlin
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey

5. Recent developments in palladium catalysed natural products synthesis via C–H activation


Thrimurtulu, N.; Dey, A.; Maiti, D.; Volla, C. M. R, 

Editors: A. R. Kapdi, D. Maiti.

Elsevier, New York . 2016

  6. Stille Cross-Coupling Reaction: Early Years to, the Current State of the Art 


        Ardhapure, V. A.; Gholap, A.; Schulzke, C.; Kapdi, A.; Maiti, D. ("Invited Contribution")



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