Dr. Sadhan Jana
Current Position:             Post-Doctoral Fellow, Cornell University
Prof. Hening Lin 
Previous Position:           Post-Doctoral Fellow (2018-2020)
Email:                              sjanachemphd@gmail.com 

Dr. Tapas Kumar Achar
Current Position:             Post-Doctoral Fellow; University of Antwerp, Belgium
Prof. Bert Maes 
Previous Position:           Post-Doctoral Fellow (2017-2019)
Email:                              tkachar87@gmail.com

Dr. Ramakrishna Kankanala
Current Position:             Post-Doctoral Fellow; UC Irvine, USA
Prof. Chris Vanderwal
Previous Position:           Post-Doctoral Fellow (2017-2019)
Email:                              rkchem21@gmail.com

Dr. Srimanta Guin
Current Position:             R & D Officer at IOCL
Previous Position:           Post-Doctoral Fellow (2016-2019)
Email:                              srgnchem@gmail.com  

Dr. Ramasamy Jayarajan
Current Position:             Post-Doctoral Fellow; Stockholm University, Sweden
Prof. Kálmán J. Szabó
Previous Position:           Post-Doctoral Fellow (2016-2018)
Email:                              rjayaraj7@gmail.com 

Dr. Kapileshwar Seth
Current Position:             Post-Doctoral Fellow; Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis, USA
Prof. Haibo Ge
Previous Position:           Post-Doctoral Fellow (2016-2017)
Email:                              kapilseth.niper@gmail.com 

Dr. Milan Bera

Current Position:               Research Professor at Cung-Ang University, South Korea

Previous Position:             DST-Fast Track Young Scientist (2014-2017)

Email:                                miluom@gmail.com

Dr. Rajesh Kancherla

Current Position:               Post Doctoral fellow at KAUST, Supervisor: Prof. Magnus Rueping 

Previous Position:             Post Doctoral fellow ( 2013-2016)

Email:                                razzesh64@gmail.com

Dr. Santosh Kumar Sahoo 

Current Position:             R & D Officer at IOCL

Previous Position:           Post Doctoral fellow ( 2014-2016)


Email:                              santoshsahoo.iit@gmail.com

Dr. Rahul Watile 
Current Position:             Scientist, Johnson Matthey India

Previous Position:           Post Doctoral fellow ( 2013-2015)
Email:                              rahulwatile@gmail.com

Dr. Upendra Sharma 
Current Position:               Asst. Prof & Scientist, CSIR-IHBT, Palampur, 

                                         Himachal Pradesh, India.  Homepage

Previous Position:            DST-Fast Track Young Scientist (2012-2014) 

E-mail-                              upendra@ihbt.res.in, upendraihbt@gmail.com


Dr. Akanksha 

Education:                       PhD, Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow (2006 - 2011)

Previous Position:           Post Doctoral Fellow, IIT Bombay (2011-2013).

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