DibyaKanti Mal
Current Position :  Project Student (September 2019-Present)       
Email :                    vikaskumar05071996@gmail.com 

Vikas Kumar Singh
Current Position :          Graduate Student, Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung, Mülheim an der Ruhr
Prof. Benjamin List
Previous Position :        Project student (2016-2018)
Email :                           vikaskumar05071996@gmail.com 

Arup Mondal
Current Position :          Graduate Student, Organic Chemistry Institute, WWU Munster
Prof. Manuel van Gemmeren
Previous Position :        Project student (2017-2018)
Email :                           just4arup.1995@gmail.com 

Prakriti Kalra

Current Position:              Graduate Student, University of Minnesota.

Previous Position:            Project Student (2016-2017) 

Email:                               prakriti.kalra94@gmail.com 

Minal Wagh

Current Position:              Analyst at Eccella Consulting 

Previous Position:            Project Student (2016-2017)

Email:                               minalwagh3010@gmail.com 

Arka Chakraborty

Current Position:             Geo-scientist at GSI


Previous Position:           M.Sc project student (2015 - 2016) 

Contact:                           chakrabortyarka93@gmail.com

Ehtasimul Hoque

Current Position:


Previous Position:            M.Sc project student (2015 - 2016) 

Contact:                           tasisxc93@gmail.com

Semanti Mukherjee

Current Position:              Graduate student, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.


Previous Position:            Project student (2015 - 2016) 

Contact:                           semanti.mukherjee1@gmail.com

Aniruddha Dey

Current Position:              Graduate Student, John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA.


Previous Position:            Project student (2014- 2015) 

Contact:                           aniruddhadey100@gmail.com

Santanu Singha

Current Position:              Graduate student, University of Munster, Germany.


Previous Position:            Project student (2013-2015)


Avijit Hazra

Current Position:              Graduate student, University of Washington, Seattle, USA 


Previous Position:            Project student (2012 - 2014)

Contact:                            avijit@uw.edu

Sudip Nandi

Current Position:              Working at ONGC 

Previous Position:            Project student (2012-2014)

Srimanta Manna

Current Position:             Post Doctorate, The University of Manchester, UK.

Previous Position:           Project student (2012 - 2013)

Rameezul Haque

Current Position :             Working at ONGC.

Previous Position :           Project student (2011-2013)

Sandipan Jana

Current Position :             Research Scholar, NCL Pune

Previous Position :           M.Sc. project student (2011-2013) 

Dhrubajyoti Samanta

Current Position:               Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania                               

Previous Position :           M.Sc. project student (2011-2012) 


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